Green Village: Nature Is The Luxury

Green Village is a living community of globally connected individuals who care about  nature, originally visioned and developed by John Hardy. Located by the terraced slopes of Ayung River in Bali, the compound hosts 12 unique and sustainable bamboo houses and villas, hand-constructed by the IBUKU architectural team.


The master-planned compound has been designed to accommodate a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle; with all the luxury Balinese nature has to offer.


Green Village has attracted nature lovers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities from all over the world. The compound is only a short scenic walk from Green School, the world famous campus where education is designed around the principles of an organic permaculture system.

Community Living


More than a place or a sanctuary, Green Village stands for a community of individuals who share similar values, passion, and outlook for sustainable housing and living.


Residents of Green Village appreciate the luxury of being connected to an established community of like-minded people. Regular events and fun get-togethers are organized within the village. Many social opportunities are available through our globally connected Green School campus.


It is a comfort knowing that you are surrounded by neighbors who enjoy living in harmony with Nature—just like you. In Green Village, it’s not only about the bamboo villas. It’s also about the people living there.

IBUKU is an international team of skilled artisans, architects, engineers, and designers creating homes, structures, and interiors crafted of bamboo; they create fully functional structures, furniture, and gardens that are handcrafted by Balinese artisans and utilize local and natural materials.


IBUKU will work with you to conceptualize, design, and build the home of your dreams where you can live in bliss with natural light, surroundings, and comfort. To date the IBUKU team has designed over forty structures in Bali.


The design team is lead by creative director Elora Hardy, daughter of John Hardy, the co-founder of Green School.

Why Bamboo

Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable and versatile building materials with tensile strength equivalent to steel.


In Green Village, our Petung (Dendrocalamus Asper) bamboo comes locally from Bali and Java; purchased from individual farmers along the river valley.


Bamboo is ready to be used as building material when it reaches the age of 3-5 years. When the bamboo is chosen well, treated properly, designed mindfully, and maintained, a bamboo houses will last a lifetime.


That’s exactly how we built our unique bamboo houses and villas in Green Village. Our bamboo properties are designed to withstand prolonged sun and rain exposure—some are coated with weather-resistant finishing.


We also treated our bamboo naturally with a boron solution that suppresses glucose inside, and renders it inedible for insects. Boron is a chemical element found in Nature (notably in the Great Salt Lake, USA). With a low toxicity—similar to table salt—it is perfectly safe to use in a family home.


Maintenance of the roof, bamboo columns, poles, structures and interiors are conducted from time to time, although well-designed bamboo houses do not require significant upkeep.