Sunrise House

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Sunrise House is a feast for the eyes, combining black and white bamboo in intricate patterns to create luxurious floors, walls, ceiling, stairs and railings. Even the roof is an innovative arrangement of bamboo shingles.

Sunrise House has floors, with 3 double bed bedrooms, 3 ensuite bathrooms, kitchen, lounge and dining area with fabulous views, plunge pool, an office/work area on the top (4th) floor, and other lookout areas. The main entrance is on the 3rd floor, where the lounge and kitchen and TV bubble room are situated. Going down the stairs to the second floor leads to 2 bedrooms, each with ceiling fans, both with ensuite bathrooms, and a reading room between the two. The bottom floor holds the Master Bedroom, with AC. It is unlikely guests will need AC! The master bedroom also includes a drying room with a dehumidifier. All the bedrooms have wind-down bamboo blinds for privacy. From the bottom floor, guests can exit the house and take the stairs down to a plunge pool and private garden, quite literally perched on the edge of the river valley. All the rooms are furnished with bespoke bamboo furniture. The scenery and view from the house is breathtaking!

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