A 5-Story Bamboo Villa by the River in Bali

RIVER HOUSE is built right by the edge of the sacred Ayung River in Ubud, Bali. Surrounded by the bamboo forest and a permaculture garden, the villa is hidden underneath the lush canopy of green.


Full of the soothing sounds of the flowing river, River House is a 5-story bamboo villa designed for a family of four. It hosts 3 bedrooms, each with en-suite bathroom. One of the bedrooms has a bamboo hammock overlooking the forest, perfect for a lazy swing on sunny days.

IBUKU_GV River House_2013_model (10)

A huge, fully equipped kitchen is adjacent to the spacious open living room, lounge, and dining area— all with views of the river and the bamboo forest. A swaying bamboo pod with natural light and comfortable cushion is available to keep yourself hidden while reading a good book. A satellite TV, DVD player, and Wireless Internet is ready to entertain you in the media room on cloudy days.


The property features a crow’s nest office that perches over the living room, with a view of the front door garden area. The lower lever is home to a bamboo ‘flying pool’ to cool off under the sun, surrounded by the vegetable permaculture garden.


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