A Bamboo Villa with Sumatran Minangkabau Architecture

VILLA KELAPA takes its shape from Sumatran Minangkabau architecture, characterized by the two horn-shaped roofs sheltering the house —one stacked on over the other. This bamboo property is larger and longer compared to most houses in Green Village.


The bamboo villa has fully air-conditioned rooms and hosts 3 bedrooms: a master bedroom, a guest room, and a children’s bedroom. Each bedroom comes with en-suite bathroom.
A semi-open bathroom with a stone bathtub is perfect for a relaxing evening soak after a long day.

IBUKU_GV Kelapa House_2012_sketch 01
IBUKU_GV Kelapa House_2012_DSCN0430

Like most of the Green Village bamboo houses, this property also has a large open living space. The living room, and the fully equipped kitchen with a lounge and dining area, share the view of the tropical garden surrounding it.


A media room is ready for those days when you want to have some indoor entertainment, catching up to your favorite TV shows. To wind down and beat the heat of the tropical sun, the bamboo stairs will lead you down to the pool with a bamboo deck, perched on the edge of the river valley and surrounded by a private garden.


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