Join us and see first-hand how we transform simple blades of grass into the extraordinary designs surrounding the world famous Green School.


Our half-day tours begin at Green School a guided walk around our unique school environment where our students immerse in hands-on, nature-based learning experience followed by Bamboo Factory tour, an informative walk through the factory where the architecture of the Green School campus was conceptualized and constructed. The tour continues on to Green Village, where you’ll experience a community of one-of-a-kind bespoke of bamboo homes.

The homes at Green Village are almost fully occupied for the upcoming few months, so our opportunities to tour them are few.
Please inquire about our schedule to for opportunities to visit inside a Green Village home. Workshop and Green School tours continue regularly.


Visit PT Bamboo Pure, the headquarters of our factory, workshop, and design space. Watch the process as bamboo gets treated, cut and crafted into the furniture.


Visit this community of unconventional homes clustered along the slopes of Bali’s beautiful Ayung River. See spectacular houses constructed entirely by hand of locally sourced bamboo, rising up to six floors.


Explore the imaginative campus of Green School with its fifty plus bamboo structures, surrounded by forest and rice fields. Learn about their use of alternative energy sources and their focus on creativity and culture. The walk around Green School will be an adventure. We are located on a steep ravine, so be prepared with the right walking shoes or sandals as we will be walking on rocks, and going up and down many steps. We don’t recommend bringing heavy backpacks or luggage. We suggest wearing light clothes and bringing an umbrella or raincoat, especially during the rainy season.


Tour are available on Monday to Friday exclude public holiday
Morning Tour (weekdays) Itinerary :
Starts 9:00 AM-10:15 AM: at Green School
10:30 AM-11:15 AM: tour at Bamboo Factory
11:30 AM-12:15 PM: Lunch break
12:30 PM- 1:15 PM: tour finish at Green Village

Morning Tour (weekends & public holiday) Itinerary:
Starts 9:00AM – 10:15AM at Green Village (Start Point)
10:30AM – 11:30 AM tour at Green School

* MORNING TOUR with 3 destinations (visits to Green School, Bamboo Factory & Green Village) :
ADULT $40/pax (without lunch) ; $47/pax (include lunch)
KIDS 13-17 $35/pax (without lunch) ; $42/pax (include lunch)
KIDS 6-12 $25/pax (without lunch) ; $27/pax (include lunch)
KIDS UNDER 5 FREE to join the tour

* MORNING TOUR with 2 destinations (visits to Green School & Green Village or Green School & Bamboo Factory) :
ADULT $30/pax (without lunch) ; $37/pax (include lunch)
KIDS 13-17 $25/pax (without lunch) ; $32/pax (include lunch)
KIDS 6-12 $20/pax (without lunch) ; $27/pax (include lunch)
KIDS UNDER 5 FREE to join the tour

* MORNING TOUR Green Village Or Bamboo Factory:
ADULT $20/pax
KIDS 8-17 $15/Pax

Morning with 2 destinations itinerary:
Starts 9.00am till 10.15am at Green School
10.30am – 11.15pm options of Bamboo Factory or Green Village tour

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Tour are available on Monday to Friday exclude public holiday
Afternoon with 2 destinations itinerary:
12:30 PM- 1:15 PM: tour at Green Village (visit our Bamboo House)
1:30 PM-2:15 PM: Tour Bamboo Factory (last Point)
Come early to Green Village if you wish to have lunch before the tour and use our salt water pool.

* AFTERNOON TOUR with 2 destinations (visits to Green Village & Bamboo Factory) :
ADULT $30/pax (without lunch) ; $37/pax (include lunch)
KIDS 13-17 $25/pax (without lunch) ; $32/pax (include lunch)
KIDS 6-12 $20/pax (without lunch) ; $27/pax (include lunch)
KIDS UNDER 5 FREE to join the tour

* AFTERNOON TOUR Green Village Or Bamboo Factory:
ADULT $20/pax
KIDS 8-17 $15/Pax

Green School address :
Br. Saren, Sibang Kaja, Abiansemal
Badung, Bali
Phone : +62361469875

Click on this link for GreenSchool directions

Green Village address :
Jl. Tanah Ayu, Sibang Gede, Abiansemal – Badung (80352), Bali – Indonesia
Phone: +62-8113922254

Click on this link for Green Village directions”/greenvillage

Optional Services (NOT included in tour fee) :
A. Transportation services :
1. Transfer/Shuttle service from site to site costs USD 2.50/person/site
2. Return trip from Ubud area costs USD 35/car ++
3. Return trip from Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu costs USD 45.00/car ++
* Price already include shuttle service site to site. 1 car can fit up to 6 adults. 1 day advance booking and clear pick up point & contact numbers are required.
B. Lunch with selection of :
1. Balinese Ritsjtafel (brown rice, chicken satay, vegetable urap, corn fritter, choice of chicken curry or sweet sour pork cutlets) & iced water
2. Vegetarian Ritsjtafel (brown rice, vegetable urap, corn fritter, sautéed tofu & tempe) & iced water

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Learn how to make a bamboo architectural model in this one-of-a-kind course taught at the bamboo factory. The design-build team at Ibuku is unique to the world in its process of creating scaled structural models made of hand-whittled bamboo sticks. The models are replicated in 3D lines on the computer for engineers to study before a project is finalized. Take an impressive skill away from Bali with you, and come learn this unique process in a 2-hour modeling class.

Please email us at for workshop date availability.

2 HOURS $75/person
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house building workshop
If you want hands-on experience building with bamboo, this is the workshop for you. Come to Bali and participate in a 3-day workshop in which you learn the basics of how Ibuku’s design-build team takes a scaled bamboo model and turns it into a real but incredible-looking building. This workshop will cover a range of building techniques that are essential to constructing in bamboo.

The Workshop Will be done a month with the
dates for the workshop will be :
27th-29th January 2017
10th-12th February 2017
24th-26th March 2017
28th-30th April 2017
26th-28th May 2017
16th-18th June 2017
28th-30th July 2017
25th-27th August 2017
15th-17th September 2017
27th-29th October 2017
24th-26th November 2017
22nd-24th December 2017

3 DAYS $150/person/day
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Bambu Indah - Organic Coconut - Tai Power Seeff Photography
Learn the secret powers and uses of the coconut tree. As one of the world’s most valuable trees, it provides us with refreshing electrolyte-filled water and tasty meat, as well as oil brooms, thatch for roofs, timber for building, charcoal for fuel and soaps, and more! Come discover how the Balinese people have been wisely utilizing this wonder tree for centuries in a 4 hours workshop.

4 HOURS $60/person
Minimum participant 2 person

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The techniques for connecting bamboo to bamboo in the incredible structures of the Green School campus and Green village community have redefined sustainable architecture worldwide. By reinventing joinery techniques, the design-build team at Ibuku is also stretching the rules and standards of what a building can look like. Learn how to be a part of this sustainable design revolution through this 2-hour bamboo joinery workshop.

Please email us at for workshop date availability.

2 HOURS $75/person
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The tradition of making and playing the Jegog has been passed down from one generation to another among musical guilds in the village of Jembrana, Bali. Each instrument has eight bamboo keys base on a four-note scale. Learn to build and play this unique Balinese Gamelan variation under the guidance of a Jegog master. We will pack your Jegog so you can take it home.

INSTRUMENT MAKING (2 hours) $90/person
LEARN TO PLAY JEGOG (2 hours) $90/person
BOTH WORKSHOPS COMBINED (4 hours) $150/person
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The Kul Kul Farm is providing permaculture courses, open farm days and workshops just 2 mins from the main Green School campus. People are invited to join an eco-experience, to learn about the pleasures and benefits of home- gardening, eco- living, regenerative farming and sustainable leadership.
Register and visit their farm here.


Moko was an excellent tour guide at the PT Bamboo Pure factory. Having been with PT Bamboo Pure since it began 8 years ago, he had so much to share. The social and economic impact of this enterprise can only be positive to the local communities – I was really impressed! The bamboo mansions were brilliant and I would have loved the chance to spend a couple of nights in one of those houses! … I immensely enjoyed feasting my eyes on the homes (both exterior and interiors)! That a humble blade of grass could be made so glorious and beautiful!

~ Joanna

A fantastic experience.

~ Lars

WOW!! We had a fabulous time firstly learning about the whole bamboo process – from plantation to workshop right through to design – Patrick was so informative and explained things simply and clearly. We were so impressed with the Green Village – and felt incredibly lucky to view the Sharma Springs Mansion. Our guide was very friendly & helpful. I would most definitely recommend this experience (but keep it a hidden secret gem!), – we also added the option to use a driver from the Green Village. Our driver Mike arrived on time & was a very friendly safe driver. Thank you to the whole team!

~ Jill

This place was the highlight of my entire trip to Bali. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into Spring house – 6 levels of complete luxury (the all-bamboo place even has a wine cellar!) The view during lunch was breathtaking and I will be back to stay next time!

~ Amanda

There are many places in Bali, that you can describe as “paradise”. Well… for me there were, until I visited Spring House. This place is just astonishing and words cannot decribe the impression. It’s a 200% must to see it if you only have a chance, no excuses!

~ Marcin

Pictures simply cannot express how amazingly mindblowing this place is, it truly takes a genius mind to dream up a fantasy accommodation like this place. Everybody who comes to Bali NEEDS to see this place!!!

~ RJ

If there was only one place you could see in Bali (although that should never be the case) this would be it. I would never have imagined how something as natural and simple as bamboo could result in something so beautiful and epic. The Bamboo Mansions are unlike anything you’ve seen before. Tip: It’s so hidden that even local drivers are unaware of the location and may spend up to 30min of your time just looking for it – best book their own driver to be sure making the most of your time.

~ Sameer

From the minute we walked in it was like being swept into another world. I loved the Balinese architecture, it’s outstanding the entire mansion is made of bamboo and not a single nail! It’s absolutely an incredible place. The open concept and the scenery of the green village across the river was just breathtaking! This is what I imagined how Bali would look like. Every room had a private patio and was unique from revolving shelves to suspended hanging beds. A true one of kind. All the staff were very friendly and the food was scrumptious too! A total must see, you won’t regret it.

~ Kauna

The visiting is certainly out of my expectation. I have always been amazed with how bamboo make an aesthetic furniture and i certainly admired the handiwork of the spring house and other furnitures. The architect Mr Moko is a wonderful teacher who shared his experience and his passion for bamboo making during the design workshop. Jennie was my tour guide when I visited the bamboo mansion. Was not able to visit each mansion individually as there were guest in it. But i manage to visit the spring house which is the highlight of the trip. It’s amazing to see a house make of bamboo. Definitely worth the visit and a stay =)

~ Erin

17th-19th June 2016

22nd-24th July 2016

26th-28th August 2016

23rd-25th September 2016

21st-23rd October 2016

25th-27th November 2016

23rd-25th December 2016