The Comfort of Tropical Living in A Bamboo Villa

Perched on the sacred Ayung River and surrounded by the lush Balinese forest, Green Village is a tranquil and peaceful compound that hosts spectacular bamboo houses and villas.


For years, the compound has drawn like-minded individuals who are seeking a more sustainable and authentic way of living, a comfortable alternative to the stresses of modern society. Today, together with the world-famous Green School, Green Village has been recognized as one of Bali’s most remarkable communities in sustainable living and housing.

Each luxury villa and house in Green Village is constructed almost entirely from bamboo, custom-designed by the IBUKU architectural team and built by hand. The beautiful structures showcase how bamboo – combined with brass, copper, and stone – can create sustainable, luxurious floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, and railings.


All our bamboo villas are located only a short scenic walk away from the reputable Green School, where education is designed around the principles of an organic permaculture system.


We are pleased to welcome property owners, renters, investors, and environmentally-conscious businesses to become a part of our Green Village community.

Green Village is one of Bali’s most remarkable sustainable living and housing communities.


Our real estate offerings are an opportunity to invest not only in luxury bamboo villas, but also in a sustainable future.

Discover Our Unique Home

Green Village is not a collection of individual houses, but a living community of globally connected individuals who care about Nature and appreciate its magnificence. Our bamboo villas and houses are purposefully built towards a sustainable future for you, your lifestyle, your business, and – most importantly  – your family.


Do you think you’re one of us? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to show you how to be a part of Green Village community!


Every now and then, we release the latest developments

and offerings of bamboo properties ​in Green Village.


So, who knows?


A unique bamboo villa might be available just in time for you to invest in.


Bespoke Bamboo Architecture and Design

The IBUKU team are the creators behind Bali’s most remarkable Green Village. This team of young, creative designers, architects and engineers are exploring ground-breaking ways of using bamboo to build sustainable homes, hotels, schools and event spaces in Bali, Indonesia.


Creative Director Elora Hardy explains:
“IBUKU’s goal is to provide spaces in which people can live in an authentic relationship with nature. We do this by designing fully functional homes and furniture that are made of natural substances and built in ways that integrate with nature. IBUKU is creating spaces where living in nature is living in style.” IBUKU is creating a new design vocabulary for the enigmatic beauty of bamboo as a building material. Everything ever assumed about straight and square architecture has been rethought with hand whittled craftsmanship, bespoke elegance and a redefinition of luxury.


Over 50 majestic sustainable bamboo structures now stand in Bali and around the region, thanks to the commitment and talent of the IBUKU team. These include the Green School, Green Village, Sharma Springs, and Bambu Indah Eco Resort, which have appeared in international publications like Architectural Digest, Vogue and the Huffington Post.