A Sustainable Bamboo House by the River

TEMPLE HOUSE is a bamboo home with sweeping lines and hoop corners, built by combining dramatic angles and soft curves. This simple property features three levels that cascade down the slope towards the rushing Ayung river.


Enter this bamboo house via the top level through a round door, framed by two cocoon-shaped bamboo baskets. This 3-bedroom house has luxurious bamboo floors, walls, ceiling, stairs, and railings – all in a kaleidoscope of shapes and patterns. All rooms in the Temple House are well-appointed with exquisite bamboo furniture.

IBUKU_GV Temple House_2012_sketch img008

The open living area and the fully equipped modern kitchen are designed to capture the natural beauty of the river and its surroundings. .


There is one large master bedroom and two guest rooms. Each bedroom is glass-enclosed and air-conditioned. The guest rooms can be repurposed as children’s bedrooms and are suitable for bunk beds.


The entertainment room provides ample family space for a weekend get-together, and comes with satellite TV. The private pool features a separate bamboo cabana, an ideal place to wind down an afternoon of self-indulgence or quiet reflection.



3 Storeys

To maximize the living space and provide plenty of breathtaking views.

3 Bedrooms

3 bedrooms, built in an enclosed glass environment with cooling AC units.

3 Bathrooms

Glass enclosed master bathroom with AC.

Private Pool

Cool off in your private plunge pool.

Lounge and TV Room

This is a perfect place to relax and unwind. Especially on those rainy days.

Green Village Community Area

Including large public pool, a cafe with delicious local food, a yoga pavilion.

“IBUKU’s goal is to provide spaces in which people can live in an authentic relationship with nature”


– Elora Hardy, IBUKU Creative Director

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Our RIVER HOUSE isn’t available for rent. You can check the availability of the other houses