Visiting Bali? Come to Green Village and see first-hand how we transform bamboos into a sustainable living experience and take a peek into our bamboo houses!

Our half-day walking tour begins at Green Village—a master-planned compound perched on the edge of a river valley. Gather in our communal dining area by the swimming pool before enjoying an informative guided tour around our bamboo forests and permaculture garden. Simply immerse yourself in the Green Village lifestyle by visiting our bamboo houses and villas; and indulge your curiosity about how the compound operates sustainably. Extend your visit to John Hardy Jewelry, Bamboo Factory and our workshops to see how and where the magic happens!


IMPORTANT: Due to high demand, Green Village tours are given by Reservation Only.

Reserve yours now so you don’t miss out on a unique Bali experience.

Green Village


Perched on the sacred Ayung River and surrounded by tropical Bali forest, Green Village is a tranquil and peaceful compound that hosts spectacular bamboo houses and villas. These 13 houses are a feast for the eyes, and a showcase of how black and white bamboo can be combined to create a stunning collection of luxurious floors, walls, ceilings, stairs, and railings. Even the roofs are an innovative arrangement of bamboo shingles.

Bamboo Factory


Visit PT. Bamboo Pure, also known as Bamboo Factory – the headquarters of our factory, workshop, and design space. Traditional Balinese craftsmen work closely with our team of IBUKU designers and builders to develop a balance of ancient and new ideas.


In Bamboo Factory, you will see how we carefully process this wild grass to prepare and strengthen it into bamboo house construction materials. Watch the process as bamboo gets treated, cut, and crafted into furniture and amazing houses.

John Hardy Jewelry Factory


Established in 1975 by John Hardy, this is an opportunity to see where John’s vision for artisan handcrafted and sustainable communities began. Visit the open air design center and workshop the see master artisans create powerful, dramatic and inspiring jewelry. You will experience the John Hardy lauded 8-step jewelry design process using refined techniques handed down from the jewelers of Bali’s ancient royal courts.


2 Destinations Tour

2 Destinations Tour

Morning Tours Option:

10.45 – 11.45 Bamboo Factory

12.30 – 13.30 Green Village


Afternoon Tour:

12.30 – 13.30 Green Village

13.45 – 14.45 Bamboo Factory

Adult 440.000 IDR

Kids(5-12) 340.000 IDR

*Weekdays Only

*Tour cost doesn’t include lunch

Individual Tours

Individual Tours

1) Green Village

Start at 10.45, or 12.30


2) Bamboo Factory

Start at 10.45 – 13.45 weekdays


Adult 290.000 IDR

Kids(5-12) 200.000 IDR

*Tour cost doesn’t include lunch


Starting this June 2019, join the Bamboo Experience


Introduction to Bamboo • 1 Day Tour
Includes lunch

Duration :Fridays, 9 am-3pm

Price : 1.250.000 IDR/person


Bamboo Model Making & Joinery • 3 Day Workshop
Happening once a month, (dates vary)
Includes lunch

Duration:am-3pm from Friday to Sunday

Price : 3.500.000 IDR/person


Book by email at [email protected]


Bamboo 5 day workshops

A 5-day workshop where you will learn Bamboo’s design-build process.
This year we have 2 short term workshop


Bamboo Design and Carpentry WorkshopIncludes: all meals and accommodation

Duration:5 days, April 17-21st

Book here

Build a Bamboo String Instrument Workshop Includes: all meals and accommodation

Duration:5 days, May 22-26th

$950 USD / person/span

Book here

Bamboo 11 day workshops

An 11-day workshop where you will learn the fundamentals about bamboo.
This year we have 4 workshops:


May 4-15th, June 14-25th, August 9-20th and October 25-5thIncludes: all meals and accommodation

Duration:11 days

$2350 USD / person, Early Bird promotions available!

Book here

The Kul Kul Farm

The Kul Kul Farm provides permaculture courses, open farm days and workshops just 2 minutes from the main Green School campus. You are invited to join an Eco-Experience – Learn about the pleasures and benefits of home gardening, eco-living, regenerative farming and sustainable leadership.
Register and visit their farm here.