Sharma Springs

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This house was featured on CBS This Morning and made the front page of New York magazine. Its jaw-dropping architecture, design and valley views must be seen to be believed.

Set within a valley landscape along the sacred Ayung River, this 6 story bamboo house is the latest addition to Green Village. The house is a feast to the eyes and a showcase of how black and white bamboo can be combined to create a stunning collection of luxurious floors, walls, ceiling, stairs and railings. Even the roof is an innovative arrangement of bamboo shingles.

Sharma Springs comprises an incredible 6 floors, with 4 double bedrooms, kitchen, lounge and dining area with fabulous views, an office/work area on the highest level, a media room, a kids play room, and an outside barbecue area. All the rooms are decorated with bamboo furniture, perfectly complementing the home. The main entrance is an enormous bamboo tube accessing the 4th floor, where the lounge and kitchen are situated. The lowest level connect to a private garden and pool. Sharma Springs also has a dedicated guest house with its own fabulous views. The guest house sleeps 2 adults and 2 kids. The house includes a butler and ADSL WIFI.

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